Dear Climate Skeptics, Why Do We Never Talk?

Dear Climate Skeptics, Why Do We Never Talk?

Our planet is in a terrible danger because of the climate change. Temperatures are rising and poor polar bears...


Just kidding. We're grown-up people, and we know that it's nearly impossible to change another person's mind. You didn't believe in climate change before opening this page. You won't believe in climate change after leaving this page. We both know that. 


However, there are really good reasons for why a hardcore climate skeptic should consider offsetting his or her flights. If you think about it, climate skeptics and green energy are natural allies. Donald Trump should offset his flights. And so should Rupert Murdoch. And Sarah Palin. Here's why.



Green Energy Promotes Political Stability and Peace

Fossil fuels, especially oil and gas, fund international terrorism.


Moreover, revenues from selling oil and gas promote authoritarianism in resource-rich countries (source). And authoritarian countries with trillions of dollars from fossil fuel exports tend to be much less peaceful and stable than liberal democracies.


By offsetting your flights and supporting green energy projects around the world you reduce our world's reliance on fossil fuels -- and thus make it a more peaceful place.


Former CIA chief James Woosley explained why he was driving a hybrid car:  “I have a bumper sticker on the back of my Prius that reads, ‘Bin Laden hates this car.'” If Bin Laden were alive today, he would hate CarbonFreeTravel even more than Mr. Woosley's Prius.

Green Energy Promotes High-Tech Industries Instead of (Low-Tech) Petrocrats

A huge part of revenues from oil, gas and coal goes to corrupt governments and oligarchs. At the same part, proceeds from wind turbines and solar panels go to hard-working tech companies around the world.


Every time you support green energy projects, you take money from some of the world's most unpleasant people and hand it over to some of the world's smartest people. You support clean-tech industries at home. You make green technologies more and more affordable, while at the same time making tyrants and terrorists weaker and weaker.


Smart choice.

Climate Change Is Abstract and Largely Invisible. Air Pollution Is Not.

Fossil fuel power plants make our air dirty and our children sick. According to MIT, air pollution causes 200,000 early deaths each year in the U.S alone.


Those deaths might seem too abstract. So here's a more specific example. Most people know that pregnant women should avoid eating tuna. Why? Because tuna contains a lot of mercury -- an extremely toxic metal (source: Consumer Reports). And that mercury is dangerous not only for pregnant women. Famous self-help guru Tony Robbins (a very big and strong guy) nearly died of mercury poisoning because of his diet rich in seafood (source).


But where does all that mercury come from? The answer is short and simple: coal. A large part of mercury you find in seafood comes from coal-fired power plants in India and China.


By offsetting your flights and supporting green energy projects you make the air your breathe cleaner and the food you eat healthier.





Make Yourself In Charge, And Not Some Government Official

There are many people who are against combating climate change not because they don't believe in the science behind climate change, but because they hate excessive government intervention into people's lives. They think that climate change is a conspiracy of bureaucrats who are trying to gain political and economic power at the expense of hard-working entrepreneurs. 


Most of our team are from Eastern Europe, and we know pretty well how destructive and paralyzing government interventions can be. At the same time we firmly believe in all the things we've written on this page and elsewhere on our site.


And for this reason we want to give you a tool to fight for cleaner air and safer, more stable world. Before people had to rely on their governments and international institution for meaningful changes to happen.


But now they can finally act themselves.

Did we miss a good argument? Or are some of our existing arguments full of s**t? Please let us know here!